Greek Yogurt: The Ultimate Tooth Superfood

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Every once in awhile we come across something that is so great for you that we just need to shout it from the rooftops. In this case, it’s greek yogurt! Not only is greek yogurt healthy all around, but it is also a dental superfood. Here are some reasons to incorporate greek yogurt into your diet to keep you smiling:

Healthy Gums: Greek yogurt is chock full of probiotics, which is known as a “good bacteria.” These active cultures help slow the cause of cavity causing bacteria. Healthy gums are essential to your overall health because gum disease can put you at an increased risk for a wide range of complications including heart disease.
Strong Teeth: Yogurt is high in calcium, which is one of the most important nutrients for strong teeth. Calcium works by maintaining the density of your skeletal bones through years of deposit while your body is growing the most.  Children especially benefit from the calcium found in yogurt.  Once permanent teeth appear, calcium continues to help prevent tooth decay by keeping enamel strong.
Fights Bad Breath: Eating six ounces of yogurt each day greatly reduces the bad breath causing compounds in your mouth. Probiotics mentioned earlier, help keep the
“smelly” bacteria in check and keep things fresh. These probiotics also help balance your mouth’s PH levels, creating a less acidic place for bacteria to thrive.

The next time your child is looking for a snack, whip up some greek yogurt and keep their bellies full and their smile bright. Opt for plain and sugar free choices, and if they crave some sweetness, you can toss in fruit in moderation. Make sure to brush afterwards and to visit Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County to keep their smiles healthy! For more toothy tips, visit our website.

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