The Dangers of Tongue Piercings in Teens

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While tongue piercing may not be a new thing anymore, it's level of danger hasn’t decreased at all. Teenagers often think piercings are cool and trendy, but aren’t always so well informed about the potential hazards that they come along with. If your teen is considering an oral piercing, make sure to educate them of these serious dangers:

: Infections and swelling of the tongue from piercings are common because the tongue is covered in millions of bacteria. Not only can tongue swelling close off your airway, but should a piece of your jewelry break off in your mouth, it could be a choking hazard. Oral infections are very serious and can lead to infections of other parts of the body as well--like your heart. Consult your doctor or dentist at the first sign of an infection to prevent further risks.

Damage to Teeth and Gums:
It’s very common for teenagers to play with their piercings inside of their mouth, which can lead to a cracked or chipped tooth, and even injury to the gums. Piercings can also damage already existing fillings and scratch tooth enamel. Avoid possible periodontal disease and receding gums, and skip the mouth jewelry!

Nerve Damage
: Tongue piercings may result in weakness or numbness of the tongue. If your teen experiences any of this, they may have nerve damage, which could be permanent. Oral nerve damage affects your sense of taste and how you move your mouth. If your tongue’s blood vessels are damaged, it could result in serious blood loss as well. Yikes!

If your teen is experiencing any of the above signs or symptoms after a recent tongue piercing, they should call us immediately. Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County is prepared to treat dental emergencies in a calm and caring manner. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 631-486-6364 or 631-320-0880. We're here to help!

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