Snow Day Fun for Families

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The first big snow storm of the season is on the map, and it's headed our way this weekend! While watching the snowfall can be fun at first, any parent knows that it won't take long before the children get restless.

Check some of these fun indoor activities off your to-do list to pass the time with your kids after they hop out of bed and brush those pearly whites!

Arts & Crafts
Arts and crafts are a great way to pass the time anyday indoors. Snow art is the perfect way to keep the winter and snow theme going! If it's unsafe to play outside, bring some bright white snow inside and let your children's imagination run wild! They can use food coloring to make all sorts of design in the snow indoors.

Indoor Picnic 
At some point, the kids are going to get hungry! Get them involed in the kitchen by whipping up some of their favorite healthy snacks and then setup an indoor picnic somewhere in the house. This is a great way to keep them busy and have some fun at the same time.

Build a Fort
What child (or parent) wouldn't want to build an indoor fort made out of pillows and blankets? Once the fort is constructed, put on your families favorite movie, play your favorite board game or sip hot chocolate in your new digs!

No matter what way you choose to past the time during a winter storm, we hope you stay safe and warm! To learn more about Pediatric Dentistry I & II, visit

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