Fall Sports Safety: Mouth Guards

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Now that school is oficially back in session, it's only a matter of time before fall activites and sports start up! Unfortunately, there is always a possibility that injuries can occur. If your children will be participating in sports this fall, it's extremely important to make sure their pearly whites are protected by providing them with a mouth guard.

If you're unfamiliar with mouth guards, they are an important piece of athletic gear that can help protect your child's smile and teeth from injury during any activity that could result in a blow to the face or mouth. They can help prevent broken or chipped teeth, as well as injuries to lips, tongue, face, or jaw.

Contact Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County today to make an appointment to bring your children in for properly fitted custom mouth guards. We can be reached at our Medford office at (631) 320-0880 or our Commack office at (631) 486-6364.

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