Summer Snacks For A Healthy Smile!

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Ice cream, candy, cake - all foods that are constantly around during the summer and that your children always want to eat! Unfortunately, snacking on these foods may result in cavities. Instead, be conscious of what foods are good for your child's teeth this summer and consider creative ways to make snacking on them fun!

Here are the must haves for a healthy smile:
Fresh fruit - Vitamin C is great for delicate gum tissue because it helps prevent collagen from breaking down. Make a big fruit bowl and leave it on a lower shelf in your fridge. This way, it's easy for your kids to help themselves to a healthy snack instead of reaching for the sugar. Another option? Apples and peanut butter. The water in fruit helps wash away bacteria, and your also getting in the protein. 

Raw Veggies - How are you going to convince your kids to eat their leafy greens? Let them build their own veggie masterpiece! Veggies promote strong teeth and gums for the same reasons fruits do.

Nuts - These guys are packed with teeth healthy micronutrients, especially protein and calcium. There are so many nuts to choose from. Your child is bound to enjoy one of them!

Protein and Dairy - A simple way to combine these two is with a turkey and cheese sandwich. Cheese helps block the build up of acid on teeth and protein is filled with phosphorous, which protects and rebuilds tooth enamel.

It's all about the ingredients! Share with us any other snack ideas you may have on our Facebook page. For a pediatric dentist you can trust this summer and all year round, turn to Pediatric Dentistry of Suffolk County. Visit us online at

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