How To Pass The Time on a Rainy Day

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Are you and your child getting bored with all the rainy day forecasts, recently? Have some fun when you’re stuck indoors instead. Real Simple Magazine has some great ideas to play the rainy day away!

You and your child can play a great game of hide-and-seek. Hide behind the couch or under the bed, have some fun with it! You could even hide a favorite toy or tasty treat. Leave clues around the house for your child to seek out.

On a rainy day any activity will help pass the time. One activity is to create a family scrapbook or recipe book. Gather all your memories and you and your child can paste pictures to themed pages. Or compile a list of recipes you and your family love. Have your child paste or write out each recipe in a small notebook. Then decorate your new recipe book! 

Use that tent you have in the garage to create a family fort. Or gather tons of pillows, sheets and blankets to cover up the room. Once you set up camp play board games, tell stories and snack on some S’mores. 

Another great way to pass a rainy day is to bake! You and your child can spend hours baking delicious treats. After they are done, invite some friends over for a tea party. For kids, substitute tea with milk, chocolate milk or juice.

Pop the popcorn and catch up on some movies you and your family have been meaning to watch. You could even check your DVR to see if there are any shows or movies you forgot to watch. Introduce your children to classic movies you loved when you were younger.

For more fun ideas by Real Simple, please CLICK HERE.

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