Host A Kid Friendly Super Bowl Party This Sunday

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For many, hosting a Super Bowl party is an annual tradition, complete with friends, family, chicken wings, and drinks. But don't forget, adults aren't the only ones who enjoy the big game - kids love to get involved as well! While adults may enjoy the actual game play, discussing commercials, and chatting with guests, kids can quickly become fidgety as the game coverage rolls on.

The solution? Plan a variety of games and crafts the younger fans can enjoy! Below we've roundup some kid-friendly activities sure to keep your little guests entertained on game day.

Pom-poms- simply gather some tissue paper, cut the pieces into streamers and tape the ends to a paper tower roll.

Team Flag/Poster- find some construction or poster paper and let the kids decorate for their favorite team. Stickers, paint, glitter, markers - whatever craft supplies you have around the house will do.

Team BINGO- prior to the party, create your own BINGO cards listing different football theme elements (i.e. touch down, number on a jersey, a Clydesdale commercial). Hand them out to your younger guests and begin the competition!

Commercial Counting- everyone loves Super Bowl commercials! Make your guests pay extra attention with the commercial counting game. Set up categories and count how many times things are seen for each (i.e. category title "Drinks"- pepsi, coke, diet coke, etc). At the end of each quarter have your guests count up their totals - the one with the most in each category wins!

Do you have any football themed games or crafts that are staples of your Super Bowl party? If so, share with us on our Facebook page! Good luck to the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks!

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