Cornell Study gives Students a Food Report Card

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A recent study performed by researchers at Cornell University analyzed the idea of what if students were given a report card based on their food intake. Researchers chose a neighboring school district and over the course of five weeks, 27 students were graded on their dietary choices and the report cards were sent home to their families. (Education Week)

The report card held information regarding what and how many food categories were chosen. The researchers told Education Week, "the study proved to decrease the amount of unhealthy foods chosen. The staff time it took to create the report cards was suitable and not disruptive to other school tasks."

The students did not want a bad food report card sent home so they were more likely to choose better options. Researchers say that even his parents were not as health-conscious as others, the children would not like the thought of receiving a bad food report card. (Education Week)

Because the food report card does not take up much time and it is inexpensive, researchers believe the program is worth trying. Around the country some schools have similar programs as the one studied at Cornell University. Some schools even check a student’s body mass index to help teach students of health consciousness. (Education Week)

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