Healthy Lunchbox Ideas For Kids

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Providing your children with a healthy lunch that they will actually enjoy is a challenge.  Many of them may enjoy the taste of vegetables, but can't move paste the boring appearance.  Yes that slice of pizza does look delicious, but a slice per day will definitely not keep the doctor away. We found fun lunchbox recipes that your children will enjoy while providing them with the nutrition they need to grow big and strong!  Check out the recipes here:

Healthy foods will look extra delicious when they are prepared and presented in a unique way.  For that reason, Sandwich Kabobs have become a fan favorite among kids. Throw some grapes and pretzels into the lunch box for an extra snack!  

Whole wheat wraps are a great, tasty way to combine protein with veggies.  Add turkey or ham and cheese with some lettuce and tomato to a wrap that kids are sure to love! You can even top it with some light mayo for extra flavor.  Throw some chopped fruit or crackers in just in case they are extra hungry!

For a lunch that will have their friends jealous, and for cool mom points, make pizza buns! They do require a bit of preparation and should be done the night before to save time, but there is no doubt your child will love this delicious meal! 

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